Anderson and Sheppard

Creation of mobile and print compatible html website to support clients main flash website

The client has a flash based website and required an html website that would allow for easy printing of website content and a site that was also fully compatible with blackberry mobile devices.

A new html site was developed, using the latest html 4 compatible standards.  This was fully tested on various blackberry emulators and other mobile browsers to ensure general compatibility.

Few compromises in the final design were achieved by using css and advanced browser detection techniques to dynamically apply css to the pages when hosted by certain mobile platforms.  The result is a website that’s still rich in image content and very similar to the main html and flash websites in terms of its overall design and layout.

this shot shows the original flash website design
- click above to view the 4 images for this project -  

· category: made for mobile devices
· skills: html, css
· year launched: 2009