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Anderson and Sheppard, the famous savile row tailors wanted to create a blog in addition to their main website.  I provided a completely bespoke wordpress theme to match the chosen design (provided by

Using the familiar wordpress cms that many of the content authors were already familiar with was a huge bonus in getting the disparate group of article writers up to speed to create fresh content for the "go live" date.

In 2011 the website received updates to further customise the standard wordpress cms, removing all unrequired elements to simplify usage and allow editors with little or no technical background to easily focus on what they need to edit. A new custom post grouping feature was also developed and integrated deep within the CMS.

In 2017 the website was redesigned from the ground up and a new custom WordPress theme created. The new theme whilst staying consistent with the other online content of the brand has a fresher lighter modern look that adapts well to all device screen sizes.


the blog landing page with randomised high profile images
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