CLC Manager

CLC Manager calendar and assets management system

The CLC Manager was developed for a city learning centre in Wandsworth Borough Council with the original aim of being a portable web based calendar and booking management tool that would allow the centre to manage the booking requests they receive to host lessons in their various training room facilities.

Over time the system was upgraded to also feature an asset management system and contacts database.  The new features were all integrated to provide much better functionality and ease of use within the original bookings management tool.

As the system became more mission critical over time various bespoke reports have also been integrated which make use of all the data now being captured.

To provide optimal support and peace of mind, the system also includes an online help tool that allows users to raise support tickets that can then be tracked and monitored by both themselves and support staff assigned to deal with the query.

Recently the system has been made fully themable via an intuitive replacement css system, allowing it to be themed for different locations very quickly.

viewing a daily calendar of events
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· category: bespoke applications
· skills: asp, mysql, dhtml, css
· developed between: 2004 - 2011