Compose to Picture

Online music catalogue for previewing and purchasing music with custom made video preview

The client required an on-line catalogue to serve their mp3s and a checkout/basket facility to allow for tracks to be ordered and downloaded via a secure download area.

In addition, the client requested a facility for clients to upload their own video scenes that can then be played against the on-line music catalogue to see how various tracks fit against their footage.

the end result is a unique flash movie player, developed in associated with that provides an intuitive interface to quickly allow users to switch between a collection of their uploaded video clips and the clients audio tracks, which is free for any web user to gain access to but includes carefully planted registration incentives that offer more functionality to registered users.

A custom REST server and client service was developed to allow for communication between the main web server and a 2nd remote web server that provided the video encoding and storage services. communication between these two servers is handled quickly and efficiently via the REST services with the end result that the website user is totally unaware of any off site resources being accessed.

The website was built around the viart shopping cart framework, heavily customised and with many bespoke elements added in order to facilitate the unique features required.

the landing page of the website
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· category: media related
· year launched: 2009