Edinburgh University Architecture department portal

Website developed for Edinburgh Universities School of Architecture
This unique flash driven website evolves as a user clicks through the various pages of content. Using architecture as a theme, the website produces various opaque city scape outlines as the user clicks between pages of the site, creating unique colour and pattern combinations that will never be repeatable.

During early discussions with the university, it became clear that the department had a large amount of text heavy information that needed to be shown on their website.  The solution given took turned what could have been a very traditional not very engaging website into something that is very eye catching and intuitive to use.

The website was completely database driven. I wrote a custom xml generator to feed the flash front end with the bespoke formatting syntax and copy required in order for it to generate each page of the site.  A bespoke cms was also developed to allow various staff of the department access to keep the site fresh and up to date.

Designed and developed in cooperation with Interfield Design Limited.
website landing page
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· category: online portals
· skills: asp, xml, mysql
· year launched: 2004