Learning resources website

Learning resources website

This website was built to act as a complete portal for a london boroughs learning resource department.  As well as providing basic information about the departments services, the website allows teachers to reserve items that the centre loans as teaching aids, without the need for telephone calls or the teacher to make a trip to the centre.

The solution provided also featured a bespoke inventory system designed for displaying the specifications and images of the centres many thousands of available resources.  Through a secure customized content management system the administrators at the service can update the inventory details for all of the centres products in real-time.

The site allows teachers to easily browse and locate items they may wish to borrow, adding any they are interested in to a shopping basket style system. Users can then reserve the items they have tagged by completing a simpleform which sends notifications of their request to staff at the centre.

: graphic design / developed for interlane.co.uk

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· category: education & teaching tools
· skills: asp, mysql, dhtml, css
· year launched: 2008