Rochdale - tourism website

Rich DHTML / jQuery experiemental site allowing users to navigate through a 3D typographical landscape.

This website, built for Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council via Peter Anderson Studios was the result of an experimental development process to try and build a website that had initially been conceived as needing Adobe Flash in order to function.  The aim was to instead make it more browser compatible and use only HTML.

Using only web standard compatible html, combined with the powerful jquery effects engine allowed me to develop a site that give users the feel of navigating a 3d typographical landscape. developing the site in html has allowed for it to remain seo competitive even though its presentation is far from standard.

Extra care was taken to minimise page loads to try and provide as seamless an experience as possible as users read through each page of the site.  pages deep within the site include a custom ajax driven gallery page and news feed page. all are controlled and maintained by my cms solution. 

the site landing page
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· category: government & council
· year launched: 2011