Roehampton University online learning

A secure online learning platform, developed upon the moodle foundation with the aim of providing secure online training videos and exam testing capabilities.

This website, which was entirely based on a customised version of the latest edition of moodle allowed the client to provide a secure on-line internet portal for students to take a course about mobile devices, all via engaging hiqh quality video driven course material.

Having completed various on-line courses students are required to undertake on-line exams that relate to the videos just viewed. 

By using the industry proven moodle platform various concerns ranging from security, privacy and exam results authenticity were all successfully resolved to the satisfaction of the client.  

A key task of the customisation completed for this project was to remove a huge amount of the standard moodle functionality, as it simply wasn’t needed and would complicate an otherwise very specific set of requirements. doing this also allowed the interface to remain simple and relevant to the tasks required.

Teachers, who have more user rights would upon login see the same interface but with special administrative overlaid admin interface content  - removing the complexity of having a second admin site to learn and navigate.    Once logged in, teachers can efficiently update the courses and exam content, as well as reviewing the activity of all the student accounts and their attempts at completing the exams.  

Upon the successful completion of all the exams, students are given unique digital pdf certificates that they can download or print.

Roehampton University online learning
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· category: education & teaching tools
· year launched: 2008