Rosemary and Thyme

The official online portal for the ITV show Rosemary and Thyme

This solution, provided for itv (via agency Interfield Design Ltd) gave the client a unique diary based website that was fully themed around the characters and program branding of this very popular tv series.  The site was updated on a yearly basis to coincide with the first broadcasts of the second and third series. 

The site had a fully customised content management system that allowed the client to maintain the details of all areas of the site.  This included features to hide and enable content at will, which allowed the programs team to hide certain specific site content about individual program episodes until they had been screened.

The website also featured various quicktime movies and other rich media that could all be managed via the provided CMS.

the landing page
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· category: media related
· skills: asp, mysql, dhtml
· year launched: 2003