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Sync Music is the on-line portal for a music management and consultancy company, providing music to various media industries.  Since feb 2009 when I launched the site it has undergone continuous improvements and now provides many unique features for a website in its target market.

The site was built on top of the highly customisable viart shopping cart framework.   A large amount of customisation was undertaken to provide a custom template giving the site a professional and unique modern look.

A bespoke music player, unique in the clients industry allows users to mix the component parts of music tracks live on the website to hear individual instruments within a composition.

2010 saw the release of "the sync suite", a bespoke flash driven youtube style video player that allows users to mix their own uploaded video with the client’s large music archive. 

Another unique feature allows users to create their own custom audio tracks out of the various component instrument parts of the music available on-line. this requires the site to compile new mp3 files in next to real-time for download by users.

The CMS powering the website has been developed to provide multi-lingual support.  A key feature i developed to assist in translating the original english language website allows the client to translate the existing pages (via google translate api’s) into the destination language of their choice. they can then use the newly translated pages as source documents to revise before actual publication.

The website was designed and branded by peter anderson studio.

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