What I do

  • Create custom made cms driven websites
    I can deliver fully bespoke solutions based on my own software or customise open-source products inc. Wordpress and Laravel.  I’ve worked on projects both large (bespoke online applications, online shops) and small (portfolios) and where possible use these frameworks to create reliable easy to maintain websites.

  • PHP / ASP legacy software upgrading and compatibility testing
    Many websites run out of date versions of PHP / ASP web server software which expose you, your website and your customers to hacking due to security vulnerabilities.   I provide services to check and audit your website and upgrade php and your site where required.
  • Integrate your website with other software you need to use
    I have a lot of experience integrating with third party software, from payment solutions (Paypal, Barclays, WorldPay) to CRM’s such as SalesForce.
  • Make shopping cart solutions
    I have extensive experience developing custom made ecommerce sollutions of various sizes, using frameworks including Shopify, ViartCactushop, x-cart and Magento.
  • Provide mobile phone development & testing
    Extending your content to be fully compatible on mobile platforms
wordpress / cms driven websites